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Of Friending

If you are here because I friended you, don't be so bewildered! It's because I saw something I like about you, be that metas, fics, or other things. I've never been arrested of Stalkering before, don't worry. :)

Of De-friending

When I friended, I read, and it's hard to keep up sometimes. If I couldn't give you the attention you deserve anymore, or our interests divert, or some other things, I might eventually de-friend you.

Anyone who want to friend me, go ahead, you don't have to ask me first.

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Dec. 27th, 2011

Wow. Lots of birthdays passed by. Christmas also left me behind. o.O

How are you guys doing? Hope y'all are healthy and well.

I've been busy with real life, adopted a few new fandoms (namely Bakuman, Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones XD), writing my own original novels. Feel like it's been AGES since we last talk, yeah?

Miss you guys over here... Gonna try to keep up with y'all when I have time! ,,>w<,,)//~

My Year in Fan Fic/Fan Art 2010!

I've written 2 fics in Bakuman fandom
"Seeing the Forest for the Trees" / 3,088 words / Spoilers for chappie 71 to 73 / Akira/Mashiro Moritaka
Meeting Hattori by chance at a diner, Mashiro seized the opportunity to ask what had been plaguing his mind and even though he didn't plan to go further than a few questions, it's not like he regret it. Hattori
My comment: I ♥♥♥ Hattori a lot, maybe even more than the Ashirogi duo. XD I couldn't help but write something when I read chapter 71 and saw how upset the duo was over Hattori's actions. Heck, I've been entertaining this thought since maybe after their editor was changed to Miura. I think I could write a lot more on this story, but I guess it will have to stay like this at least for a while. :p

"Love, Love, Love!" / 381 words / Spoilers for Chapter 113 / implied Eiji/Moritaka
"Dear Ashirogi-sensei, you are going to teach me about loves"
My comment: I don't even know! It's totally random and so silly. I'm not even sure why I posted it in the first place. XD

I've written 1 fic in Hikaru no Go fandom
"One Story (Twelves Things to Dream About)" / Ko Yeongha/Shindo Hikaru
1st story: Ko Yeongha is a mean, mean boy...

Nil, nada, zilch... Sowwy... >_>

Double standard, much?

It annoys me when people stated their dislike about a manga, and got told by others to stop reading, because "don't like, don't read". That is actually generally good policy, but when you start saying that it's wrong to share opinions on things one doesn't like because one shouldn't be reading it in the first place; that's where the double standard came into action.

By saying that sharing opinions about things one dislikes is wrong, don't you think you are being contrary to your preach? You are reading the opinions you don't like, and decided to do something about it.

If you truly believed in your preach, stop reading such opposing opinions and let it go. And if you MUST do something about it, do it in your own place.

And don't get me start on the "free speech" craps, it might get ugly...

Edit to fixed typos and such
Title: Seeing The Forest For The Trees
Pairing: Hattori/Mashiro
Rating: PG-13
Warning: boy-kissing? Um…
Summary: Meeting Hattori by chance at a diner, Mashiro seized the opportunity to ask what had been plaguing his mind and even though he didn't plan to go further than a few questions, it's not like he regret it.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not making money. Don't sue.
A/N: Spoilers up to chapter 71 with vague references to chapter 73
Wordcount: a bite-sized of approx 2,800 words ;)


Sep. 12th, 2010

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Holy cow...

Umm...I'm back? >_>

Dec. 11th, 2009

Thank you for the snowflake, zodiacstargazer & an anonymouse ♥!

Nov. 22nd, 2009

@ LJ should totally have a feature "Like" similar to the one on FB. Sometimes you just like an entry but ain't have anything to add, ya know.

I keep trying to Like this entry by reddwarfer and another by strippedpink and I was all WHERE IS THE LIKE BUTTON ZOMG DID I JUST BROKE LJ!? *headdesks*

@ Prince of Persia the movie! asgdafsahgfasd!!!!!one!

@ 2012 the game! Find it in App Store right now!


ownficfest TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one! I CANNOT WAIT. *hyper*

Ibuprofen is something sent from Heaven!

Yes, yes, you know you want to see me update twice a day.

Health update: I'm suffering from a slight case of common flu. Nothing serious. What worried me is my left knee...

Last Saturday (20 Sep) I slipped in the bathroom and my kneecap impacted pretty hard on that slightly-raised-floor-thingy-in-the-doorway-that-prevents-water-from-spilling-out-of-the-shower (not bathtub!).

My doctor sent me for an X-RAY. The specialist wasn't too sure if my kneecap was broken from this impact or not, but right then I felt fine. I was taking Ibuprofen for my period though, so I wasn't reliable to judge my own suffering. :P But the bruises are still present today and when I was at work the pain got pretty bad. It got worse when I took the bus home. DDDDDD:

It hurt like hell. Probably need to see the doc again, just in case.


*munches on popcorn while reading the latest news on Livejournal* (edit: not "latest" any longer!)

I've been playing an RPG game "Hero's Tale" on and off for a few days now. It's really strange that I am still playing it, because the storyline is not the best there is, possibly even one of the worse ones.

Normally for RPG games, I'll consider myself "addicted" only after I can relate to the protagonist(s). For "Final Fantasy VII", Cloud annoyed me and still managed to be strangely endearing at the same time. I like Aeris, and was all teary eyes when she's killed. For "Eternal Eden", I sympathized Noah, and fell in love with Fierro. etc.

In Hero's Tale, the main character, Elrik, seemingly was picked at random by the goddess Aeria to be her champion. The whys were not particularly clear. But the dude went on random journey to become a great Dragon Hunter like his late father. And to kill that other person/thing that wanted to destroy the Keys, which I'm still not sure would lead to where. The humor was kind of crude (and not particularly funny), so I won't recommend to children. I LOVE the script they used on the battle menu though, it's so pretty! The puzzles were really, really easy to solve that it annoyed the hell outta me. The bosses I fought so far were all easy to beat too.

Wait, maybe because it's so easy that I keep playing? IDK.

Hell, maybe it's the pretty graphic! Though, I'm pretty sure I've seen all those artworks from somewhere. *squints*

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